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We are committed to finding the underlying causes of your health and metabolic issues.

Our unique and comprehensive approach will reveal how and why your body is not functioning properly. Specialized lab testing may be necessary to determine any imbalances in your chemistry. This may include state of the art food sensitivity testing through LEAP/ MRT (Mediator Release Test ®), vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and immune analysis, (SpectraCell Labs) and comprehensive functional blood chemistry, (Accu Reference Labs) including a thorough hormone assessment.

The Nutrition Treatment Center also provides innovative and state-of-the-art testing through Cyrex Labs, which specializes in functional immunology and autoimmune testing. Their tests include intestinal antigenic permeability screening (Leaky Gut Syndrome), specialized food sensitivity testing and multiple autoimmune reactivity testing.

We also provide programs for those wishing to maximize performance and fitness and shed unwanted body fat. We will clear up any confusion regarding proper supplementation, diet and exercise. We are devoted to improving your health and performance in all aspects of life. Simply put, this program will allow you to be the best you can possibly be!

Our Starter Program includes:

1st Office Visit

In this one hour visit, we will investigate your health history. A functional nutritional exam, which consists of over 60 tests, including a Body Composition Analysis, will be performed. This information will help reveal imbalances that may be contributing to or causing concerns about your current state of health and fitness.

2nd Office Visit

This commonly begins with a review of findings from your prior visit, including lab results. A personalized, easy to follow plan is discussed including safe and natural solutions to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Follow up visits:

We recommend three follow up visits over a period of 4 to 6 weeks. These sessions will consist of repeat body composition testing, personalized coaching, review of any new lab results and refinement of your specific program. Improvement in your fat to muscle ratio is an important indicator of improvement in your total health and daily choices.

At this point our objective is to give you all the tools necessary to establish a healthy living program. Many of our clients continue with us until all goals are met. This decision is yours.

Read what people are saying!

“Lost 30 lbs. of fat in 8 months”

“More active” “not as depressed or lethargic”

“I feel like a different person.”

– Melissa – Age 44

“3.3 % body fat loss & 11 lbs. in 9 days.”

“I’m more consistent, not starving and not having cravings.”

– Matt – Age 25

“10 days ago my head wasn’t clear. I felt bloated and felt tired. I felt horrible. Today I feel fantastic.”

“12-13 lbs of fat and down a crazy amount of body fat percent.”

“I haven’t felt like this since I’ve been in my 20’s.”

– Donna – Age 58

“Down 21 lbs in 21 days.”

“Legs feel much better. No more swelling.”

“I feel alive.”

– Denise – Age 51

“I have more energy. I have a better mood.”

“Half of the deficiencies I had before are now gone.”

“This test shows what you’re missing and gives you confidence in what you need.”

– Yan – Age 66

“Now I am migraine free after cutting out gluten, dairy, and sugar.”

“So glad I did the food sensitivity test.”

– Sarah – Age 37

“I have so much energy.”

“Amazing and easy.”

“It’s been a home run for me.”

– Renee – Age 45

“I feel better and have more energy.”

“Some of the results I am seeing in a really short period of time are very exciting and encouraging to me.”

– Ann – Age 69

“I am a much better husband and father due to my enhanced quality of living.”

“I dropped 35 lbs. in a healthy manner, reduced my body fat by 12% and gained muscle mass.”

“I was able to come off the cholesterol medication and reduced my autoimmune dosage by half.”

“The lessons I learned will last a lifetime.”

“His staff is consistently courteous beyond what is reasonably expected.”

– Brian – Age 43

“This program works because Dr. Tom meets you where you are, coaches you through highs and lows. He never gives up on you. If you work with him, he’s so more than willing to work with you.”

“It’s really worth it.”

– Phyllis – Age 65